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Make A Wish Gems

Welcome to Make A Wish Gems

Imagine, all your wishes can come true! Now there is a way by wearing the amazing jewelry that changes your destiny. It is jewelry made from special gems. Each Make A Wish Gem is selected personally to fit your wish list and your horoscope. Your love life and partnerships can improve so much and you don’t need to wait long for the desired effects.

The results are absolutely astonishing! Hundreds of our clients come back to us, only to report about little miracles that occur in their lives. Make A Wish Gems are creating a field that is so attractive to all good things in your life. You draw the good destiny towards you. Whether it is the right partner, who sometimes appeared within two hours of wearing the new gem, whether it is a better love life with an existing partner, more sex, finding Mr. Right, or finding the right house quickly (one of our clients two years ago wanted three houses and now she owns 15 houses), whether it is better relationships with the kids or with mum and dad, all those wishes are not too far-fetched to become true.

Is it Magic?

You could call it magic. We would rather call it the latest science. All we are doing, is to apply unchanging principles of vedic astrology to modern life. Our lives are governed by quantum energy fields much more than yesterday’s science would want to believe. Knowing these fields, their relation to our bodies, mind and soul and how they are entangled with the cosmic planetary quantum fields, is the strength of the Make A Wish Gems experts. For the first time in the history of our civilisation Make A Wish Gems opens up mysteries, which have been hidden for thousands of years; of lost civilisations that once lived a life of pure harmony with each other, their whole lives entwined with love, happiness and abundant wealth for all.

They had spiritually cognised that at the core of their physical being was the light of life itself, an ever resounding vibration of light and sound that creates each one of us and our universe. These very subtle impulses of life create and recreate who we are, where we are going, and how long we will be here. They can be enhanced and amplified by your Make A Wish Gem.
There is more on our knowledge page.

How does it work?

By proper selection, which is absolutely essential, you are prescribed the correct gem to help increase all benign influences, and thereby allow you to change your destiny.

You wear your Make A Wish Gem always touching the skin in a ring setting, pendant, or bangle. When the sunlight strikes the gem the coherent resonance of the gem is transferred into your body mass, where it modifies your destiny.

You will then follow an enchanted path of destiny best suited to you, fulfil your every wish and above all "be true to yourself". 


Step 1
Purchase a 15-minute online consultation with an expert for $29.95. This consultation will give you a precise recommendation of your Make A Wish Gem. Alternatively you may choose an individual e-mail consultation for $19.95. Both types of consultation are based on your individual vedic horoscope and your wish list.

Step 2
Get the  Evaluation of Your Personal Make A Wish Gem. This will let you clarify your wishes. The data goes to the expert who is going to select your Make A Wish Gem. You need to know your birth time, so the expert can do a personal vedic horoscope.


If you are interested in Make A Wish Gems, but do not know from where and how to get your birth time, please click here: Your birth time calculated to the second.

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